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Cross Creek Pediatrics, P.A.
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Fayetteville, North Carolina 28304
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Office Hours
Monday through Thursday
8: 00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
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Patient Bill of Rights

At Cross Creek Pediatrics we try to be very conscious of our responsibilities to our patients, and to conform to and exceed national guidelines on patients' rights.

  1. Information Disclosure. We try to give you the best information on your health care that we can, in an easily understood format. We want to help you make decisions about your health plans and your choices here at Cross Creek Pediatrics. We hope you can use this website to find out more about us and the care we deliver.
  2. Choice of Providers and Plans. You are always welcome to try another one of our providers for a second opinion or just a different experience. We are members of many different health plans, which give our patients many ways to access us.
  3. Access to Emergency Services. We respect your need to visit and consult us when you are sick. It is Cross Creek Pediatrics' policy to see you on the same day when possible or within 24 hours of your call for an illness visit. In addition, we have an afterhours nurse advice line, CareLink, that gives you 24/7 access to health care.
  4. Participation in Treatment Decisions. We respect your rights and responsibilities to participate fully in all decisions related to your health care. We respect the right of patients who are unable to fully participate in treatment decisions to be represented by parents, guardians, or family members.
  5. Respect and Nondiscrimination. We respect your right to considerate, respectful care from all members of Cross Creek Pediatrics. We believe that an environment of mutual respect is essential to maintain high quality health care.
  6. Confidentiality of Health Information. We strive mightily to keep your communications with us private.
  7. Right to Medical Records. We respect your rights to review and copy your own medical records and request amendments to your records.
  8. Complaints and Appeals. We take all complaints very seriously and believe that we need to entertain complaints in order to serve patients well, and to improve our care. You can both call and email complaints - the email address is administrator@crosscreekpediatrics.com ; the telephone number is (910) 484-8009. Our Medical Director and Practice Manager are all available to receive complaints and affect resolution.
  9. Quality of care. You have the right to expect care of high quality. We have programs in place that seek to produce very high quality care.
  10. Consumer Responsibilities. We expect you to be active participants in your care, to be honest with us in your histories and self-reports, and to be respectful of us as people and as professionals, just as we have the responsibility to be respectful of you. We expect you to communicate honestly with us and let us know what advice you are following or not following, so we can work together with mutual trust.